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800+ Accident Leads, 200+ Accident Cases Delivered Per Month to One of the Largest Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida

Results in the numbers

Client - One of the Largest Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida

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Leads Per Month

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Accident Cases Per Month

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Under $1000 Cost Per Signed Case

Client introduction.

Our client is a well-known Personal Injury Attorney Firm based out of Orlando, Florida. They offer their personal injury law services in the central Florida area and help people fight and win maximum compensation they deserve for injuries held due to an accident or other reasons.
While they do offer various law services, we are focusing on the car accident category only to help them sign more car accident cases to their clientele.

The challenge.

Client was having a PPC campaign running to reach the people in need of an accident lawyer.
But, the problem was that the account cost per lead and the cost to signed case was higher than the expectation hence the client was burning a good chunk of their marketing budget on running the ads without expected outcomes.
Google Ads CPA Reduced from $1613 to $311

Client’s main goal was to reduce the cost per accident case (not the cost per lead) up to around $1500 without compromising the number of leads and then increasing the number of accident cases to the firm up to 150+ per month over the period.

The solution

They have contacted us to do the job and optimize their Google Ads Account.

We did a thorough analysis of their business, the competition and worked on points below in order to improve the account performance and drive better results for them.

We did not stop here.

We have continuously looked for more ways to help drive accident leads to the firm at a better cost per case.

Over the time we have researched and included other PPC platforms that had the potential to deliver the results under our expected criteria, like:

We have consistently analyzed all the bits and pieces, optimized, monitored, and managed different PPC accounts to improve the overall performance.

The results

We have achieved above the benchmark results for the client.

Saving at least $100K per month to the client’s pocket while driving more cases to the firm than expected.

Saving to Client’s Pocket = $500 x 200 = $100,000+ per month

while not compromising on the quality of leads and number of cases to the firm.

The results we are delivering to the accident attorney client using PPC marketing:

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