Give Wings to Your Business Growth Instantly. We Help You Start Promoting and Selling Your Products and Services Online, and Generate Cost Effective Client Leads with Google Ads.

Our Approach to PPC Ad Campaigns

The key of our PPC campaign success is staying aligned with your business goals, not only during the research phase, but also throughout our business relationship.

Our in-house Google Ads experts’ team is complete with experienced professionals to run amazingly optimized campaigns and get results for any business big or small.

Techifox was founded in 2015 by Atul Sharma, an Accenture and Google alum with over ten years of digital marketing experience. Atul personally has worked for and managed million dollar Google Ads accounts for many of the Fortune 500 companies.

We learn your business details, do our research based on that, and stay focused on your goals, we create inspiring creatives tailored to your business. By drawing on our expertise and capabilities, we strategies and set up AdWords campaigns for your business that generate results.

Atul Sharma Digital Marketing Consultant

We Know Pay Per Click​

Google Ads advertising is a numbers game, and we know how to play the numbers in our favor.
We at Techifox take the most effective approach between structure, optimization, creatives, and engagement, to help your brand reach the right consumers at the right time and location.
Our Management Process Involves:
  • Pre-Engagement: Understand your business and goals
  • Research & Historical Evaluation: Examine past performance and competitive landscape
  • Strategy Development: Determine product mix, account structure, and key areas to test
  • Implementation: Launch campaigns and collect data
  • Optimization: Continuously refine based on performance
Our Monthly Management Includes:
  • Proactive optimization to lower cost per conversion and locate areas of additional growth
  • Access to an intuitive online dashboard displaying key performance data
  • Regular reporting to uncover trends and report on improvements
  • Dedicated phone & email support
  • Opportunities to test new Google Ads features and betas
Our Team Continuously Refines:
  • All quality score components
  • Keyword/Ad relevance
  • Keyword coverage across head/body/tail segments
  • Ad Formats & Extensions
  • Device-specific optimizations
  • Bidding strategy
  • and more…

What We Offer

Google Search Marketing

Proven search strategies to reduce costs and uncover additional profitable traffic focusing on Google Ads and supplemented by Bing Ads.

Google Local Service Ads

Get your business be the first thing people saw on Google – even above the pay-per-click ads. We help you connect with potential customers in your area using Google LSAs.

Display & Remarketing

Generate demand from new visitors through display prospecting, and convert previous visitors through remarketing.

Google Shopping

Optimization of all feed attributes to improve positioning & maximize revenue from e-commerce queries.

Local Business & Call Generation Campaigns

70% of the customers want to visit your store or make a call to book a appointment. We drive customers to your doorstep with the smart ad campaigns.  

Click Fraud Detection​

1 in 5 clicks is fraudulent. We employ cutting-edge software to help identify & eliminate fraud clicks on your ads by your competitors or bots.

Our PPC Management Services Are Tailored to Your Business

We Don't Brag. We Deliver Results.​

1600% CTR Growth on Google Ads Account
1600% CTR Growth on Google Ads Account
856.25% Growth in Business Leads for PPC Client
856.25% Growth in Business Leads for one of the Psychiatrist client
Google Ads Account CTR Increased by More Than 660% for One of Our Client
Google Ads Account CTR Increased by More Than 660% for One of Our Client
Google Ads CPA Reduced from $1613 to $311
Google Ads CPA Reduced from $1613 to $311
430% Business Growth on Google Ads
Google Ads Account 6 Month Performance: Leads Increased 430%, Clicks Increased 485%, CPA Decreased 36.3%, CTR Increased 377%

What our clients have to say

I went with the Techifox team because of their commitment to integrity and professionalism. I feel like they always have my back. Atul and his digital team work relentlessly to keep us relevant on Google. Our robust ads campaign is always at the top of all of the searches. We have a funnel of viable clients coming our way daily. Not only are we at the top of the searches, but they managed to keep the costs within my budget. This has increased our bottom line substantially. I would highly recommend them.
Google Ads Services Client
Michael Samar
Founder, Mind Wellness Counseling Center
Atul has been an amazing part of the team! His agility and ability to approach Google Ads Management like an art and a science is un paralleled. He his helpful, humble and an excellent educator when dealing with client communication. Simply stated his work and work ethics are outstanding and we are grateful to work with him!
PPC Advertising client
Anjali Boyer
Principal, ALLign Agency
I would like to thank for all your efforts with the website. We are all very happy with this and feel even more confident with our company moving forward. The website could not have been done any sooner.
CEO, QContrive

Our Clients

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Google Ads Services Agency
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