Case Study

4X Business Leads, Improved Google Ads CTR, and Cost Per Acquisition for an Emerging American Crowdsourcing Platform

Results in the numbers

Client - Emerging American Crowdsourcing Platform

Business Leads increased by 430%-Case Study

Business Leads Increased

Google Ads CTR Increased By 444%

Google Ads CTR Increased

Google Ads CPA Decreased up to 39%

Cost Per Lead Decreased

Client introduction.

Our client is a fast-growing American nonprofit, crowdsourcing platform based out of Washington, USA. They offer to set up customized Care Calendar, Wishlist & Crowdfunding pages to help people in need, and that is all free of cost.

The challenge.

The client was running a PPC campaign to reach the people in need of help and generate online leads for their business(setting up help pages). But, the account cost per Lead (CPA, CPL) was higher than expected, hence the client was burning all their marketing budget on running the ads without the expected outcome. The company’s main goal was to reduce the budget spend without compromising the number of leads.

The Click Through Rate of the account was also low compared to market standards and needed attention.

The solution.

They have contacted us to do the job and optimize their Google Ads Account.

We did a thorough analysis of their business, there competition and worked on below points in order to improve and drive results for them.

    • Analyzed and optimized their Google AdWords Account structure
    • Looked into their current keywords, scrubbed and removed keywords for better relevancy
    • Researched new, high intent keywords and themed them in the account
    • Analyzed ad copies, re-written ads and created new converting ads to use in the account
    • Analyzed the landing page and optimized it to make it more user friendly
    • Analyzed competitors, their creatives, market share and accordingly optimized our account to grab more impression share

 We have analyzed all the bits and pieces, optimized, monitored and managed the account to improve the performance.

The results.

We have achieved above the benchmark results for the client.

    • Business leads on the website have been increased by 430%
    • Google Ads account CTR has increased up to 445%
    • Account CPC has been decreased up to 44%
    • We were able to decrease Google Ads CPA up to 39%
    • The quality of leads has been improved
Case Study-Google Ads Account Performance
Google Ads Account Scale 6 month Chart-Case Study
Case Study-Google Ads Account Performance

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