Local Service Ads for Dentists

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Get more dental prospects call and message you, who convert into clients, with our targeted Google Local Services Ad campaigns created exclusively for your dental office.

Google LSA for Dental Offices

Dentists – what if I told you that you can get 10, 20, or even 50+ new dental patients to your dentistry, every month, with local service ads?

TechiFox is the PPC marketing agency, specializes in helping dentists increase their leads and calls through Local Services Ads. We understand that running a dental office can be challenging, and that’s why we’re here to help you succeed.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with top-notch PPC marketing services that are specifically designed for dentists. We know that you have unique needs and goals, which is why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your business.

If you’re looking to generate more calls and leads to your dentistry, our Local Services Ads campaigns can help you achieve your goals. Our ads are targeted to your local area, which means that you’ll be reaching potential patients who are actively searching for dental services in your location.

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Local Services Ads Can Help Your Dentistry

Get More Calls & Leads

We have worked with dental offices for years and have generated 1000s of high-value leads for our dental clients using PPC marketing methods.

Our local service ad campaigns are specifically designed to generate more calls and leads for your dental office. By targeting potential patients in your local area, we can help connect you with people who are actively searching for dental services.

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Increased Visibility Of Your Dentistry

With us, you get expert services from experienced PPC professionals who understand all aspects of dental marketing and how to reach potential clients in your target demographic. Our local service ad campaigns will help you stand out from your competitors and get noticed by potential patients in your area.

With our Local Services Ads, your dental office will enjoy increased visibility in your local area. This means that potential patients who are searching for dental services in your area will be more likely to see your ads and learn about your business.

Maximize Your Dentistry ROI

We understand that every dental office has a budget to work with, which is why we’ve designed our dental  LSA services cost-effective.

Unlike many other dental marketing agencies, WE DON’T just set up your ad campaign and let it run. We continuously monitor the performance, numbers, and Analytics and accordingly optimize the campaign on day to day basis to produce results that will keep you ahead of the competition.

By focusing on your local area and targeting potential patients who are most likely to convert, we can help you get the highest ROI for your marketing budget.

Google Ads CPA Reduced from $1613 to $311
Cost Per Lead Reduced from $1600 to $311
430% Business Growth on Google Ads
430% Business Growth on Google Ads
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Customized Solutions

At TechiFox, we know that every dental office is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your business.

Whether you’re looking to increase your leads, boost your online presence, or improve your overall marketing strategy, we can help you achieve your goals.

Rely On LSA Experts

We have extensive experience working on Local Service Ads for various clients. Generated 1,000s of high-value leads for our clients using Google LSA campaigns.

We know the challenges of managing PPC marketing for dentists, the industry-specific requirements, and the strategies and solutions that are proven to work. While other agencies are guessing what to try next, we have experience managing LSA for clients who spend $Millions on advertisements.

Budget Spent for the lawyer client on Google Ads
Lawyer PPC Agency - $3.57M Budget Spent on Google Ads for lawyer client

Why Local Service Ads For Dentists?

Top Position on Google

Local Service Ads help your dentistry rank on Top of Google SERP. Not only the organic results but even above the Google Ad results.

Pay for Leads Only

LSAs work on pay-per-lead model rather than pay-per-click and target telephone calls rather than clicks. You only pay for phone calls longer than 30 seconds in length.

Badge of Trust

LSAs for dentists get the green Google Screened checkmark that indicates to potential clients that your business has undergone a verified background check by Google.

Visually Rich Information

Local Services Ads for dentists gives an opportunity to display detailed info about your practice. Like your photograph, Review ratings, years in business, phone number and more.

Don't Pay for Unqualified Leads

Irrelevant or unqualified leads should not be charged to your account. If you are charged for one, you can dispute the lead to Google to get the money back.

Control Your Spend

With your dental Local Service Ads, you can set budget based on how much you want to spend for a lead and a maximum weekly budget.

Our Local Service Ads Are Tailored to Your Dental Office

We Don't Brag. We Deliver Results.

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Google Ads PPC Management for Dentists
Google Ads Agency for Dentists
Google Ads PPC Management for Dentists
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Google Ads/Local Service Ads for Local Service Ads for Clients
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1431% Google Ads Business Growth
Google Ads Leads Increased By 1431% for One of the PPC Clients
856.25% Growth in Business Leads for PPC Client
Google Ads Leads Increased By 856.25% for One of the PPC Clients

What our clients have to say

I went with the Techifox team because of their commitment to integrity and professionalism. I feel like they always have my back. Atul and his digital team work relentlessly to keep us relevant on Google. Our robust ads campaign is always at the top of all of the searches. We have a funnel of viable clients coming our way daily. Not only are we at the top of the searches, but they managed to keep the costs within my budget. This has increased our bottom line substantially. I would highly recommend them.
Google Ads Services Client
Michael Samar
Founder, Mind Wellness Counseling Center
Atul has been an amazing part of the team! His agility and ability to approach Google Ads Management like an art and a science is un paralleled. He his helpful, humble and an excellent educator when dealing with client communication. Simply stated his work and work ethics are outstanding and we are grateful to work with him!
PPC Advertising client
Anjali Boyer
Principal, ALLign Marketing
I would like to thank for all your efforts with the website. We are all very happy with this and feel even more confident with our company moving forward. The website could not have been done any sooner.
CEO, QContrive

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