As the technologies are changing there is a need to change in the digital world as well. Google, as the most prominent digital advertising player in the world, is not behind the trend. Google is regularly changing the landscape of the paid search advertising. Therefore, we have made here a quick list of the most important changes in Google AdWords.

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1. Google has introduced the New AdWords Interface

Google is bringing an electrifying new AdWords interface. The new AdWords Experience is going to be a major visual redesign of the AdWords user interface. More than 100 thousand advertiser’s accounts have already been updated to try out this new AdWords experience. Here’s a quick look at the top changes:

– A fast and modern interface that is intuitive to navigate

– incorporating material design principles

– Marketing objective-based campaign management

– New features such as insights-rich “Overview” cards and some product features which are only available in the new interface.

– This new UI will become the default view for advertisers starting Q3. Until then, new features will roll out in phases.

– Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Ad Preview & Diagnosis will open in a new tab in the old interface.

– You can switch between old and new interfaces until the end of 2017.

Here you should keep in mind that there are no change in how you manage/structure campaigns or in the functionality or data and ads already available on Adwords. It is a UI update only.

Google Ads New Interface Update

2. Expanded text ads

Google has been working on the ETA update for a while and made it live for the user from January 2017. As of January 31, 2017, users will only be able to create and edit text ads using the expanded text ad format. Your existing standard text ads will continue to serve along with expanded text ads, but you will not be able to modify their content. However, Yes, You will be able to pause, enable, and remove them. It is highly recommended to take steps and transit your standard text ads to the new ETA format.

ETA provides you more space to write your ads so they are more effective. You can now write two headlines up to 30 characters each, 1 description of 80 characters, and 2 display URLs of 15 characters each.

Google Adwords expanded text ads update before vs after

3. AdWords Price Extension Gets Live On All Devices

Google has introduced Price Extensions in last July to show prices on product and service types in text ads on SERPs. The price extension is now eligible to appear, not just on mobile but on all devices including desktop.
You can show product price information along with your text ads displaying the range of products and services you offer.

Google Ads text ads Price Extensions

4. Separate Device Bids

Now advertisers have more control over device bidding. One can adjust bids on mobile, desktop, and tablet separately depending on what device is performing better for them. This feature is introduced to segregate desktop and tablet traffic.


5. Automated Call Extensions in Mobile Ads

Google did an announcement of rolling out automated call extensions in Mobile Ads in February 2017.

An email was sent to AdWords customers conveying that Google will begin generating call extensions automatically for the users who use both call and location extensions.

According to this update, Google will automatically pull phone numbers from your landing pages and set up call extensions in the accounts that don’t as of now have them.

6. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google has introduced “Remarketing lists featuring similar audiences for search ads” in Google SERPs and Shopping campaigns in AdWords.
Similar audiences give advertisers the ability to target customers based on whether or not they have searched for the same things as other site visitors existing in the Remarketing List.

7. AdSense Allows 300×250 Mobile Ads above the Fold

Recently Google has announced an update in policy for AdSense Publishers that they can now include 300×250 ad creatives above the fold on their mobile sites.

Google is rolling out many of the new updates coming in the next few months. We will be bringing you Adwords updates as they roll out. Keep visiting us.

Let us know your thoughts on the post or you want to notify some updates. We will consider those in our next post.