If you are a skilled dentist and eager to do well in your profession, get more customers, and generate more revenue, be methodical and smart. Here, we have 9 topmost dental marketing strategies for you that will fetch you great results.

Check them out!

9 Important Tips to Bring in New Patients to Your Dental Practice

  1. Do Aggressive Dental Marketing

To begin with, much like other businesses where one has to do vigorous & smart marketing, to stay in the race and make more money, for a dental practice to grow, do aggressive & smart marketing.

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In a perfect scenario, you should get anywhere between 30-50 new dental patients every month. To attract new dental patients, provide your patients with a competitive product at extremely competitive costs, along with handy quality services – all supported by a solid dental marketing tactic.

While you make an effort to decode how to market your dentistry, conduct a SWOT sitting. It’s a structured method to find out your

    • strengths – find out what’s the USP of your dental practice that sets it apart from other dentists in your locality?
    • weaknesses
    • opportunities – where would the rise in your practice come from?
    • threats – are there any problems that your dentistry may have to look forward to, prepare for, and guard against?

Get all the right answers to these.

After you have established where your dental practice is really positioned, you will learn which specific dental marketing plans will help secure a successful & profitable future for you.

  1. Develop a Strong Patient-doctor Bond

Patients make a dental practice successful or unsuccessful. This is the most fundamental rule that you need to understand.

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Although you could be great at your job, minus connecting with your patients, you may not manage to convert a new patient to a loyal one. While some patients may only want good treatment options or insurance coverage, majority seek compassion, genuine care, and warmth so that they can feel reassured about their health & well-being.

  1. Educate Your Target Group

Don’t crudely promote your name and services. Create the right awareness about dental health and hygiene by sharing relevant and latest information on these. Establish yourself as an authority in the field. Build your blog with useful and appropriate blogs that help people get the right solutions.

Some blogs–such as ‘how you can give a perfect smile with shining teeth’, ‘the right methods to floss your teeth’ –would help. Afterward, share these on different social media platforms–like Facebook & Instagram–and get more people to realize how you can improve their lives.

  1. Establish Clear Targets

What do you want and what your patient handling capacity and revenue targets are?

What steps would help you get what you want, in terms of your revenue targets?

Ask yourself these critical questions and look for the right answers.

Ensure that your business goals are 100% specific even as you break down your goals into small, manageable steps. Continuous interruption, a chaotic routine, and a lack of focus could affect your practice. When achieving your targets is on your radar, you may beat your competitors with little effort.

  1. Provide Freebies

To draw in new patients, offer attractive discounts on special services or 100% free teeth cleanings periodically. Promote your offers & promos on social media, in your neighborhood–and importantly–through word-of-mouth.

  1. Be easy to get to your Patients

Don’t send a nurse or junior to check up on your patients.

For every check-up, be there personally to ensure maximum patient satisfaction. Your absence may send out the wrong signals; your patients may feel as if you aren’t interested in their well-being.

Still, if you find it difficult to squeeze out time for every appointment, at least be available for phone calls and e-mails. For this, share your contact number or e-mail address with your patients. They will have the comfort of knowing that they can reach out to you whenever they need you.

  1. Develop an Effective Online Personality

We are living in an internet-driven world. So, have a powerful and helpful online personality.

Numerous dental practices have surged in popularity on social media by polishing their practice’s voice. Bigger and fancier practices that have an active online presence manage to draw more attention and stand out from the competition through this method.

By being humorous and witty on social media you can boost your personality, impress your followers and fans more also try to get the feedback of your patients and your online audience and work on the advice given by them.

  1. Referral program

When a former or current patient refers a friend to you, in a way it’s a proof of your competence, and the probability of them becoming a new patient is greater than if you tried to make the sale yourself.

A referral from a satisfied customer can work in your favor nicely. You can use a variety of dental referral programs. Like offering a referral bonus program, such as a free cleaning or a movie ticket or any kind of special discount whenever they refer a friend. By doing this you make them work for you as your brand advocate.

  1. Being flexible with payments

You can target a large number of patients by offering them different kinds of payment options. Like giving them a membership of your practice or by giving them an option to pay in installments so that patients who are not able to pay instantly can pay you according to their convenience.

Final Thoughts

Aggressive Dental Marketing, Educating People, Developing an Online Personality…these are just some of the helpful tips out of the nine tips shared in the piece that will boost your dental practice and help you get new patients.   

Follow these tips to bring in new patients and make your dental practice more successful!

All the best!