Ad testing has always been important so the ad rotation settings. It’s been a practice to write multiple ads in every ad group and see which of the ads are performing better.

Also, many of the advertisers have different opinions on how one should test different ads in each ad group? Should you rotate them evenly, wait 90 days to make any changes, or optimize them to drive more clicks or more conversions?


Google is finally going to end the entire dispute over ad rotation settings and going to simplifying all these options. Google has announced some important changes related to the ad rotation settings, which will go into effect starting in late September 2017.

Let’s have a look at the Google AdWords updates you need to know.

Ad rotation setting options will get changed:

After late September, Google AdWords will only support two ad rotation settings – “Optimize” and “Rotate Indefinitely.” The current settings “Optimize for conversions” and “Rotate evenly” will be suspended.

  • Optimize: setting uses Google’s machine learning technology to prioritize ads that are expected to perform better than other ads within your ad group. This setting will optimize your ads for clicks in each individual auction using signals like keyword, search term, device, location and more.

On the other end, If you like to drive conversions, the best way is to use Smart Bidding. It helps you modify your bids based on the probability of a conversion, and will choose the ad most expected to drive conversions.

Note that if you are already using Smart Bidding, Google AdWords will automatically use the “optimize” ad rotation.

  • Do not optimize: Some of the advertisers prefer to have an even rotation for all of their ads. “Rotate indefinitely” setting is already the easiest way to give your ads equal preference, so it will be the sole option for an even rotation going forward.

Campaigns which are currently using “Optimize for clicks,” “Optimize for conversions,” and “rotate evenly” ad rotation setting will automatically be changed to the “Optimize” setting.

Ad rotation settings will be available at the ad group level:

Advertisers are now having more control on ad rotation settings. Now one can manage their new ad rotation settings at both the campaign and ad group level. This means that you can use multiple ad rotation settings across a single campaign.